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SounDesign Videography



"Endless moments"




Video is motion picture, relive those special moments, memories and emotions time and time again.

Lights, Camera, Action

Our team of professional videographers, editors and producers are experts in their respective fields and have but one goal, your absolute satisfaction.


We bring the latest technology and highest quality to each and every event. Whether it be for a private event such as a wedding, or a corporate Hollywood theme party, we've got what it takes to get the job done right!

SounDesign Video film production

Full HD Video


Amongst the best in the industry, our videographers capture timeless moments in moving picture. To them, it is an art, a passion and a lifestyle. Whether it be for your wedding, a social event, a corporate video production or commercial, trust our experts to accomplish your every desire.


SounDesign offers several videography packages, depending on the type of event, our customers needs and budget. Choose from one videographer, two or a team with a production manager and live feed.


For a wedding, depending on the size, we suggest one or two videographers for a minimum of 6 hours. The final edited video will be between 30 and 45 minutes.


For a corporate event, the possibilities are endless. One of our popular holiday theme packages is Hollywood. In this package we can customize a Hollywood decor with red carpet entrance and crowd control. We include one photographer and two videographers on the red carpet to capture your guests as they arrive. The live video can be displayed inside on TV's or projection screens. This is an all time favourite!


Émilie - Videographer, Editor and Director:


An expert in visual arts, Émilie has mastered all the tools and stages of editing.


As comfortable on the ground as in the post-production studio, she can easily take on the role of cameraman, as well as director. Thanks to her complete training at the International Institute of Image and Sound, she has the knowledge to manage any requirement perfectly.

Richard - Videographer, Director of photography and Cinematographer:


Director of photography and Member of ARRQ, Richard knows how to take an idea and transform it into images.

His photographic management experience gives him the advantage and capacity to provide a wide range of services that will satisfy all requirements including but not limited to, camera, lighting and light support.

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Female jazz singer and band

Cocktail Jazz

Lady Rouge, female cocktail jazz band

Theme decor red carpet entrance

Theme Decor

Red carpet entrance for your guests of honor

Wedding DJ

Wedding DJ

Choose one of our wedding DJ packages


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