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"Verbal expressions"



SounDesign Studios offers a wide array of recording services. Professional service, multilingual and fast turnaround time, considering we have our own studio!

Shall We

Our many years of experience in the audiovisual industry has given us the opportunity to work in various environments for our customers. This includes but is not limited to radio, dubbing, translation, audio mastering and more.


Today, we are experts in these various fields. Several male and female voices are available for radio advertising, music on hold, dubbing and so on. Several language options are available as well. 


Translation services are also available.

acrobat hanging from ceiling

Press Record

fire juggler
Audio Mastering

Would you like to have your music mastered? Maybe an old track that needs a little fine tuning? Or simply tune your masterpiece to perfection.


Our studio is equipped with state of the art technology, world class engineers and professional recording gear.


Note, we do not offer recording sessions. However, this can be arranged with partner recording studios and mastered at SounDesign.

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Music on hold

This is a new service at SounDesign Studios. With decades of radio advertising experience, it was just a matter of time before we got into your phone!


Custom music, choice of male or female voices in English, French or bilingual.

three ladies on stilts


Radio ads are our thing, let us make it right, the first time! With decades of experience in the field, our experts put a touch of finesse on each spot.


Recording can be done on location or in our studio, whichever is most convenient and cost effective for you.



Blazing Cold dance crew

You're a dance school, yoga class, zumba group or artist and you're looking for something special, very specific, let us remix it for you.


Whether it be a single remix or a continous groove, anything is possible!

Magician entertainment
Dubbing & Jingle


Need a voice over for a web animated video or TV commercial? On site or in our studio, anything is possible at SounDesign studios.


Our studio can create your very own unique audio signature, in the industry, we call this a Jingle! 

Choreography dancers

Our multilingual professionals can translate from English to French and vice versa. Whether it be for a public announcement, print advertising, radio spot or any other purpose, we can help.


*Other languages may be available upon request.


dj mixing for party


No event is complete without music



Capture timeless moments for eternity

catering beef wellington


Mouth watering exquisites to delight your taste buds


Let us help

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